Save Money – Save Your Life!


Tobacco is the single most preventable cause of death in the world. It is the only legal consumer product that can harm everyone exposed to it – and it kills up to half of those who use it as intended, with its victims dying on average 15 years prematurely.

This year, tobacco will kill more than five million people – more than tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.  Don’t miss out on your life…Call today! 732.485.9617

In New Jersey, a pack of cigarettes cost on average $7.50 for purchase.

That relatively small amount of money adds up to one very
expensive habit.


BASIC COST TABLE: Average cost per pack $7.50
Smoking Habit daily cost weekly cost monthly cost yearly cost
1 pack-a-day $7.50 $52.50 $232.50 $2,625.00
1.5 packs-a-day $11.25 $78.75 $348.75 $4,106.25
2 packs-a-day $15.00 $105.00 $465.00 $5,475.00
2.5 packs-a-day $18.75 $131.25 $581.25 $6,843.75
Quit now and you can afford to take up a healthier habit – like driving a new car.

The expense of living with a tobacco addiction is a cost far beyond the direct out-of-pocket expenses for smoking.  There are a wide variety of other expenses related to smoking that one should address as well:

– Health Costs due to smoking go through the roof as you get older
– Life insurance rates are higher for smokers
– Laundry and dry cleaning costs escalate as clothing gets permeated with cigarette smoke
– Property damage and the replacement costs of ruined clothing due to cigarette burns
– Increased occurrences of illnesses
– Loss of physical stamina