What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy: For over 20 years, people all over the world have turned away from risky surgeries and harsh drugs and enjoyed the benefits of less-invasive procedures like laser therapy for improved vision, skin care, pain management, smoking cessation and weight control.

There are two classifications of laser: High Power (hot) lasers which are used in surgery and Low Power (cold) lasers which are used in the AccuLaser program.

AccuLaser Therapy combines a helium neon laser with bio-electric stimulation. The application is external, making it completely non-invasive (see photo below). The sensation is warm, tingling or pulsating.  Our treatments are a painless, drugless and highly effective form of therapy, which has rapid results.

No adverse side effects have been associated with Laser Therapy.

Please Note: Laser Therapy complements treatment by other health care professionals and is not intended to replace medical attention.

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